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Lemonex is developing cancer immunotherapeutics, antibody therapeutics and gene therapeutics based on next-generation innovative
modular drug delivery technology and biosensor technology. We especially focus on the development of therapeutics to treat cancers,
intractable diseases
Cancer Immunotherapy & Targeted Cancer Therapy
PipelineTypeIndicationResearchPre-clinicalClinical Phase
LEM-AB701MAntibodySolid Tumor
LEM-AB702MCytokineSolid Tumor
LEM-AB703MAntibody + Cytokine Solid Tumor
LEM-AB801MmRNASolid Tumor
LEM-OT501Synthetic DrugGynecologic cancer
Intractable Diseases
PipelineTypeIndicationResearchPre-clinicalClinical Phase
LEM-S401MsiRNAAtopic Dermatitis
LEM-S402MsiRNAHypertrophic scar