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2019 디지털 이노베이션 대상
Lemonex is a global biotherapeutics biotechnology company with next-generation innovative drug delivery technology and
biosensor technology. Based on these innovative technologies, we focus on the development and commercialization of
cancer immunotherapeutics, antibody therapeutics and gene therapeutics.
Cheolhee Won, CEO
- M.S. in Dental Science, Ph.D. in Medicine from Seoul National University
- Research Professor at Seoul National University (former)
- Committee member of Korean Society for Nanomedicine (current)
- Seoul National University Bio-CEO Program
Expert in BD and management in biotechnology and pharmacology who has research experience
in somatic cell nuclear transfer, stem cell, cancer stem cell, immuno oncology,
immune checkpoint inhibitor, and Fc-fusion protein development and
understands unmet needs and pros and cons of each field.
Dal-Hee Min, CTO
- Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Chicago
- Postdoctoral Fellowship, in Electrical Engineering from MIT-Harvard
- Professor at Seoul National University, Department of Chemistry, Korea (Current)
- Professor at KAIST, Department of Chemistry, Korea (Former)
- L’Oreal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science (2014)
- KCS-Wiley Young Chemist Award (2012)
- KAIST EWON Assistant Professorship Award (2010)
Expert in drug delivery technology and graphene-biosensor development. A chief of R&D who
understands unmet needs in medicine and leads them to the clinical development stage.
Head Office of Lemonex Inc. & Institute of BioTherapeutics Convergence Technology
DM Tower 1F, 33,55 , Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06665, Korea