Lemonex Inc. signed a contract with the Seoul National University Hospital and Seoul National University on a joint project to develop a drug delivery system for Transaterial Chemoembolization (TACE).

Since existing anticancer drugs spread to the whole body through oral administration or vascular injection, the side effects are serious after chemotherapy. To overcome this, Lemonex Inc. will improve the physical properties and efficiency of DegradaBALL, so that DegradaBALL can enter the local area of the tumor and deliver the drug through an intravascularly inserted microcatheter.
DegradaBALL is a modular drug delivery system developed by Lemonex Inc. It is a technology that can be injected locally into a patient by loading not only anticancer drugs, also nucleic acid gene therapy agents (siRNA, miRNA, DNA), antibody drugs and protein therapeutics inside.
In parallel with our research and development, Lemonex Inc. is developing a new concept of local immuno-vascular treatment, minimizing the side effects of conventional anticancer drugs